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Waist Trainer Reviews!


Have you ever wanted to try a waist trainer but was confused about which one to buy? Well your not alone. I had the same issue until I decided to buy two different ones and compared the two. Here are my findings after trying both waist trainers.

Neoprene Waist Trainer Vest for Women Plus Size 2 Belt Strap Workout Long Torso

What I discovered about this waist trainer!

1. Convenient zipper.

2. Straps over mid section for a secure fit.

3. I would recommend this trainer for women with a smaller bust size due the sizes of the trainers or would advise you to order two sizes bigger.

4. This trainer will increase perspiration to help loose inches faster.

5. It stretches and is washable.

Customer's love this waist trainer because of how stylish it looks also because of the great results they received from it!

You can see more about this trainer here:

#2. Women's Sport Hot Sweat Slimming Neoprene Shirt Vest Body Shapers for Weight Loss No Zipper Gray Sauna Tank Top Shirt

What I discovered about this unique waist trainer!

1. It fits tight but comfortable.

2. Comes in actual sizes.

3. It's washable and stretches.

4. You can feel the sauna effect on your skin but never wets your outer clothing.

5. The feature I enjoyed the most with this trainer is that you can wear it under your clothes while working out, washing your car or doing chores around the house to get more out of your waist trainer during activities!

You can see more about this trainer here:

Both Trainers!

1.Cheap and affordable.

2. Easy to put on.

3.Does not roll up.

4. Helps to loose inches.

My Choice!

Both trainers are great products! Their affordable, washable, takes up very little space and produces amazing results faster! I personally like the Women's sport vest better because it's super comfortable, you can wear it all day, and it makes you feel like the inches are falling off instantly! This trainer not only targets my waist but my back as well! I love this trainer and would gladly recommend it to my family and friends!

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